About Julie

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Julie James art & adornment is an artisan jewelry and fine art design company. It is the result of my life long passion for creativity and my dream of making art that could touch another soul in a deep and meaningful way.


I have always found inspiration in art and nature. My first memories as a child are of making art and creating with my hands. I also loved to collect rocks, sticks, feathers and other “gems” from nature. I would then spend endless hours creating art and making things with all of my little treasures. In college I decided to pursue “more sensible things” and I put my art away. However, it has been art that has continued to tug at my heart. I have since returned to my art and am using my gift from God to inspire and touch those around me. My mediums of choice are fine silver jewelry, paint, mixed media and collage.

julie as a little girl

I believe in the power of words. Over the years I have become a collector of quotes and scripture. I believe words have great power to inspire, motivate, comfort and heal us all. Often it is a little thought, a gentle reminder, that helps us through the hard times in our life and can also offer help to another. Now that I am a mother of 3 inspiring girls, I see even more the impact of words. I feel the weight of responsibility to help my daughters, and all girls, grow up to be confident and compassionate women. Yet I realize that most of us still need those same inspiring words to help us, no matter what age we are.

julie as a young girl

My art has become the perfect medium to reach women and girls of all ages. I love to incorporate motivating words and phrases into my art to serve as gentle reminders to be the best that we can be, to inspire others around us and to persevere in faith. I hope and pray the piece you purchase inspires you or someone you love.

“Inspire Others & Be Inspired”